Tushy - Influence Part 1

September 14, 2020 6k views 32:20 min
Channel: Tushy
Freed from the restrictive influence of her ex-boyfriend, Elsa, a famous VXN Influencer, has high expectations for her new life in Los Angeles. Based on a suggestion from her biggest fan, she is inspired to start living out her greatest fantasies - one by one. Her manager Ryan, someone who she's always had a crush on, catches her eye immediately. Knowing a good opportunity for quality content when she sees it, she records the experience and shares it with all her loyal VXN fans. Part 1 of 5. Read more >> << Less

HD 40:56

Tushy - Spontaneous Combustion

Tushy - 5.2k views
HD 33:19

Tushy - Wild Crush

Tushy - 3.2k views
HD 35:29

Tushy - Rainy Day Fun

Tushy - 4.1k views
HD 40:17

Tushy - Huge Fan

Tushy - 3.2k views
HD 41:25

Tushy - First Time Swinging

Tushy - 4.5k views
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Tushy - Somewhere Else

Tushy - 3.1k views
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Tushy - Together Again

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Tushy - She's All That

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Tushy - Tight Fit

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Tushy - From Russia with Love

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